Tag: HR-88


  • Andy Mills

    * Wealthy son of a retail magnate from Minnesota * Born on Founders Day (July 9) * Lived in a farming town * Town infrastructure was wiped out by a tornado during a Founders Day picnic

      • He was young
      • Minimal loss of life
      • Family was …

  • James Hogan - 'J'

    Grew up northwestern edge of Santa Fe. Rural, hunting, hiking, camping. Joined the Navy out of high school to get away to see the world. After the Navy he was interested in engineering and had friends teaching at NMIT so he got a Bachelor of Science …

  • Seo-joon Murphy

    She is an EMT to work with her skills as she attended medical school. That was before... Now she is hoping that her hobby of Tae Kwon Do will be more needed than her job, but she is prepared to use both. She was attending the Mayo Medical School in MN …