Andy Mills

A smiling man with red hair

18182323232520 9

Contact Specialist / Economics specialist

WT. 19.68 (16.68/17.48)kg
1 Rem. 870 + 100 shells
1 HP-35 w/3 mags
4 M67 Grenades
4 M34 WP Grenades

  • Wealthy son of a retail magnate from Minnesota
  • Born on Founders Day (July 9)
  • Lived in a farming town
  • Town infrastructure was wiped out by a tornado during a Founders Day picnic
      • He was young
      • Minimal loss of life
      • Family was very involved in rebuilding
  • Learned trick riding as a teenager
  • Studied Economics at University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Career History
      • Spent several years as a bank manager
      • Real estate bust caused him to lose his job
      • Found a job managing a local radio station

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Andy Mills

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